dinsdag 15 mei 2012

What to wear: Mother's Day

I work as an fashion editor at SWYF. We got a new blog item since a few weeks: What to wear. Every day someone else is showing an outfit. I wanted to share my look of Monday with you guys.

Vero Moda Katie Cadel Shirt (Nelly | € 24,95) 
Kling Cape Skirt (Nelly | € 49,95
Mango blazer (Wehkamp | € 44,95
Sacha leren enkellaarzen (Wehkamp | € 99,95
Lola Rose Gala Irridescent Shell Ring (My-Wardrobe | € 210,00)  

Mostly this post is about what the writer is wearing today, but because it was a special day last Sunday, mine's about Sunday's look. Mother's Day! I went for a lunch with my family in a casual yet trendy outfit.

The weather was great. Sunny with a little breeze which made my skirt sweep a bit. I have chosen for  calm colors to emphasis on the skirt. To spice up the overall look, I put on a huge cocktail ring and a pair of edgy boots. These boots are a great alternative for the much more expensive Pistol Boots by Acne.

If you don't know what to wear to a festival, make little adjustments to the outfit so this look will not only be suitable for a family lunch. It's a great outfit for a festival if you ask me. Change this jacket by Mango into a leather jacket and you are ready to party!


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