dinsdag 31 juli 2012

OUTFIT // Customized Studded Shorts

Shorts: H&M but self customized
Top: Zara
Shoes: Nelly
Sunnies: Pieces
Bag: Vogue
Bracelets: Stradivarius

It was kinda clear I'm in love with studded shorts. Here I am, wearing my own selfmade shorts. Well, not selfmade, because I didn't made the shorts itself, just cutted the pants. 
I was wearing this outfit at Modefabriek


maandag 30 juli 2012

PREVIEW // Customized studded shorts

A while ago I saw a picture of a girl wearing a shorts with studs on the front; I immediately felt in love. I was looking on the internet for something like that, but I couldn't find the right one and besides, I didn't have any money. Luckily I found an old studded belt in my closet and I had a some old shorts which I customized with studs. It took a while, but I finished my project quite fast. 
Tomorrow I'll post an outfit with the studded shorts and later on I will tell you in detail how I made this piece.

I still don´t have a phone with instragram, but my boyfriend does, so we share an account. Would you like to follow ´us´? It's all possible at Adriwoude

zondag 29 juli 2012

NEW IN // Cross Tee

Oh my guys, it has been 9 days since my last post! The weather is good and I completely forget about everything which happens inside. Sorry! Even though I didn't share everything with you, I had a great week. Last Monday I went to Modefabriek, a Dutch fashion fair, to watch the new collections for spring/summer 2013. During the evening I went for a barbecue at the park with my friends in Amsterdam.
I worked a few days and Thursday I enjoyed the sun and hosted a barbecue at my place. Yesterday my boyfriend and I cleaned my house and in the afternoon I went horseriding in the forest. I had dinner with my friends and partied, of course. 
Today I chilled with my boyfriend. Tomorrow it's time to work, but at the end of the week my friends and I are going to a festival. Three days of partying!

Anyway, I wanted to write a post about my new cross tee! Bought at New Look for only €14,95! I'm so glad it's finally mine! But now it's time for a new episode of True Blood. Later!


vrijdag 20 juli 2012

SUMMER COMFORT // Holiday in Greece

 Top: Zara
Shorts, necklace, sunnies; H&M
Bracelets: Stradivarius, unknown

I can't stand to watch these pictures of Greece. I wanna go bacccck! But for now I have to deal with regular life. At least the sun is shining. 
I bought this top and these frienship bracelets in Heraklion, the capital of Crete. We were taking a walk when we shot this pictures, that's why my outfit is very casual
Not really feel like writing today, I want to drink ice-coffee and watch True Blood (my new addiction). 


dinsdag 17 juli 2012

IN LOVE // Studded Denim

I'm desperate in love with these shorts (and shoes). I'm searching for my own studded shorts, but I can't find the right one! (Anyone tips?) I guess I've got to be creative and make one myself. So first I need a shorts (black or blue?) and then some metallic colored studs. 

Ohh and I finally bought my second L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick! I already own the Aphrodite Scarlet (06) and I wanted the Cheeky Magenta (07) for ages, but it was sold out everywhere. It's on discount at Kruidvat, only €10,-!


maandag 16 juli 2012

WHAT TO WEAR // Survive your festival

As you probably know, I'm working as an editor at SWYF. We got a new blog item since a few weeks: What to wear. Every day someone else is showing an outfit. I wanted to share my look of Sunday with you guys.


JACKET Army Camo Jacket With Detachable Fur Trim Collar (ASOS | € 81,45
JEANS Maison Scotch jeans La parisienne moustache (Men_at_Work | € 119,99
TOP Selected Femme Top Julie (WELIKEFASHION.COM | € 59,95
SHOES SuperTrash Bowrain Boots (Supertrash | € 79,95
BRACELET Fine Cross Bracelet (ASOS | € 8,15
NAILPOLISH HOT makeup (Nelly | € 3,95)

Summer in Holland. We expected a bit more from July, but jackets and umbrella's it is. Last weekend I went to a big festival called Extrema Outdoor with artists like David Guetta and LMFAO. I had a great time, despite of the rain. Fortunately I was prepared for the Dutch weather. Here is a 'what to wear' for a rainy festival day.

When you know there will be rain, what's the first thing you have to think of? Of course! Rain boots. Luckily one of our favorite brands has the most stylish bootsSupertrash! I choose the short ones, because I think these can also go as regular boots. Festivals are great occasions for the 'edgy look'. So do not hesitate to wear army, leather or crosses. For example this fabulous army jacket by ASOS or this cute cross bracelet. I'm also completely in love with this biker jeans by Maison Scotch. Spice up your look with some heavy colored nails and done is your festival outfit!


vrijdag 13 juli 2012

OVERVIEW // Instagram

My boyfriend and I have been a Blackberry couple for quite some time. We weren't proud of it, but at least we were equals in terms of our phones. But now he bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and I'm still stuck with my Blackberry. It's not that I want to have the 'hottest' phone or what so ever, but it annoys me that apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic can't be used on my fucking Blackberry. Six months left, the Instagram trend will probably be over by than, and I can get a new phone.

But for now, I have to steal my BF's phone so I can enjoy the fun of Instagram. Yes my friends, my first very cool retro vintage look photo's

From left to right:

1. A real 'not-homemade' apple strudel as desert
2. Long hair, yesh
3. I hate to say 'arm party' but it's a small one
4. Evening walk along the Ijssel
5. Evening sky (aaah pretty)
6. BF
7. Jewelry
8. BF & I at Apenheul (kinda Monkey zoo)
9. Plain face without make-up

Oh and I would like to complain again about this fucking weather, it's raining and raining.. My friend and I wanted to go an outdoor festival called Extrema Outdoor tomorrow, but the weather forecast couldn't be worse, so we probably will cancel our trip. :(

Despite of the rain, I still did some nice stuff this week. My BF and I went to the Apenheul (monkey zoo) last Thursday and yesterday a friend and I went for a shopping trip to Amsterdam. Will show you my new buys later (and there are still some holiday pics coming up). Now gotta go to the gym before I get to lazy! (OH MY the new episode of Pretty Little Liars is downloaded, heading to the gym will be even harder now). 


woensdag 11 juli 2012

WHAT TO WEAR // Holiday style

As you probably know, I'm working as an editor at SWYF. We got a new blog item since a few weeks: What to wear. Every day someone else is showing an outfit. I wanted to share my look of Monday with you guys.  

SKIRT Butterfly Maxi Skirt (Paprika | £28.00
TOP Lace Shell Top (Oasis | £25.00
BIKINI Push Up Bikini Top (Topshop | £13.00
BIKINI Loop Side Bikini Pant (Topshop | £8.00
SANDALS Black diamante sandals (Dorothy Perkins | £30.00
SUNGLASSES Medium cat eye frame (Mango | £19.99)

Hi there! Yes, you probably noticed there weren't as many What to wear posts as there used to be. That's because of the summer holiday. In fact, I just got back from my holiday. I spent a lovely two weeks in Greece. Unfortunately, the weather over here isn't as great as in Greece. But for those who still have their holidays left, a what to wear in holiday style!

Every girl needs a maxi skirt this season. Great for sunny places like beaches or cocktail bars. This maxi skirt of Paprika is double trendy: first the ombre trend and second the all-over animal print with the butterflies. How cute is this skirt?! If you like a more casual look, just put on a basic top. I combined the skirt with the lace top by OasisFlat sandals or flip flops are the best with a maxi skirt, because heels might damage the bottom of the skirt. Sun means sunglasses, and done is your holiday look!


dinsdag 10 juli 2012


  Dress: Vero Moda

This dress is only worn on holidays. It's a very sweet dress (almost too sweet for me), but perfect for dinner at sundown. I love the the off-white color of the dress combined with the pink floral print, it almost has a yellow haze over it. 
What do you think? Too girly?


maandag 9 juli 2012

PREVIEW // Daydreaming

Pictures made at Crete by sundown. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: the whole outfit.


zondag 8 juli 2012

Life is a party

Currently I'm working on some outfits posts which were shot in Greece, so holiday pictures are on their way. For now a quick update.
I had a lovely weekend. Last night I have been partying with my friends, I had the best time! I wanted to share this picture of me and one of my best friends during the party. 
Friday I had a little family time with my grandparents and in the evening I had a barbecue at my dad's. 
Overall I had a great weekend, only today I'm a bit depressed because in the morning I was hangover and it's my last day of my holiday. And it's raining whole fucking day. Tomorrow: work (and rain).

After I finished writing some posts, I will continue my hangover-day in bed with Sex and the City. My last hours of my holidays.. muuh. (I'm wining like I have to work 40 hours this week, in fact, I only work 18 hours, still, it's work). 


donderdag 5 juli 2012

Sundown at Crete

Hi guys! I'm back, unfortunately. Honestly I'm a bit depressed now. My holiday in Greece was so lovely, I can't stand to be back home. Normal life all over again.

Happily I got lots of great stories and fantastic memories. My boyfriend and I had the best time, eating Greek food, drinking cocktails and sunbathing at the pool. 

We mostly chilled, but we also went sightseeing and shopping in Heraklion, the main city of Crete. We did a two hour walk through the famous Imbros Gorge. Later on I will tell you more about my fabulous holiday, but for now my first outfit pictures: shot at the beach at our hotel (in my old but cute dress of Nümph). It's not the stereotype 'bounty-beach', because of all the rocks, nevertheless the sundown was gorgeous!