vrijdag 9 november 2012

INSPIRATION // Before Sunset

I made this picture right before sunset. I saw the most beautiful light coming into my room, I grabbed my Blackberry (yes, I can make beautiful pictures sometimes!) and captured the moment. Thought it was a nice image. Gotta get back to work (thesis) now.


dinsdag 6 november 2012

RANDOM // Halloween

The weekend before Halloween I had a birthday party from one of my oldest friends (as in long known, not old age). I'm not really that into Halloween, so for the first time I did not dress up that much for a theme party. I had a great time but most important was the birthday girl had a blast. I have known her since I was like three years old and she's one of my besties. 
Now it's time for my thesis, I only have six weeks left (OH MY FUCKING GOD).


zaterdag 3 november 2012

RANDOM // Spaß

A couple of weeks ago my mom, sister and I stayed in Germany for a few days. We visited some family and just  spend some time together. My family has the most greatest dog ever (besides my own dogs) called Lotta. I never met such a loyal dog before. Anyway, my sister and I had a blast in a store with these funny animal hats. I was doubting to buy one of these, but I thought I wasn't worth the money. Kinda regret that decision now haha. 

Very quick post, I haven't made any outfits pictures lately because I've been working on my thesis really hard and I looked like crap almost every day.
Oh and I'm looking for a green parka for the winter. Suggestions, anyone? 


donderdag 25 oktober 2012

NEW // A flash of Camo

I am totally and completely in love with the camo print. A few years back, I used to have a camo print trousers, but at that time a was into hiphop and all, like 14 years old or something, so that's a pretty ugly piece of clothing. Anyway, here I show you a little piece of my new Camo jacket which I bought at a vintage store yesterday. I wanted to have it for a while, but I was totally broke. Thank God I got my salary. Got to get back to my thesis now, bluggh. 


zondag 21 oktober 2012

OUTFIT // Golden Deer

Waistcoat: New Look
Top: AX
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: H&M

Hi there! A short update, my outfit last Saturday. I was in Germany for a few days and bought this top, trousers and shoes. I had not shopped for a whole month, so I'm glad I could finally buy something new. But I'm tired as hell, tomorrow another day of work. 

I'm sorry for not posting so much, I am struggling with a lack of motivation and energy. I want to work on so many things, have so many ideas but it just won't go the way I would like it to go. It probably will change in a few days, maybe one night :). 


woensdag 10 oktober 2012

HOLIDAY RECAP // Friendship is not disposable

Recently my friend Vera (the blonde one) sent me this pictures of her disposable camera. Such cute vintage looking pictures! Here's the picture story.

1. Lago Di Garda from the viewpoint of the village Lazise
2. Italian dinner
3. Cocktails at the pool
4. No holiday without Mojitos
5. No, we didn't stay at a luxurious hotel: we actually went Glaming (Glamour Camping)
6. Last night at Garda
7. First night back, we immediately partied at my place
8. The four of us :)

Ciao bella!


dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

VERONA // Romeo and Juliet

I totally forgot about these pictures which I had left from my trip to Italy this summer. I love them! 
This day we went to the most romantic city Verona. I've been there so many times, even when I was little with my parents. But I have never visited the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet.
I asked my dad why I haven't been there before. It turns out, he has been there many times but I always was too busy shopping. Guess that sounds like me.

These locks are called Love Locks. People write their initials on a padlock, attach it to a special place and throw away the keys as a symbol of eternal love. Since I am a hopeless romantic in a way, I adore this concept. I didn't had a padlock, but I did write down my boyfriend's name at the wall of Juliet's house.

A lovely city called for a lovely dress. It was very hot that day so I had to put my hair up (I hate it), but my lipstick and dress compensated for the hair.
The weather might not be as great over here, but I will try to give you a bit of a summer feeling with all of my pictures I've left from the summer. 


vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

INSPIRATION // Live Your Dream

What are your dreams? Become rich? Have a nice house with your family?
I not sure what mine is. Perhaps it's experience new things. I would love to see the world.

I have thought and talked about travelling for a while. I wanted to take a trip together with my boyfriend but we don't have the same expectations of a trip like that at this moment. The only thing I know and want is to travel. Away from this busy life where my controlfreakness takes over. I want to find my inner peace (it probably sounds dull) and to live day by day. 

Now is the time to take my life in my own hands. I'm almost done with school so after my graduation it's the time to leave for a few weeks. Together with one of my best friends, who's also having this dream for a while, to see Asia. We are still doubting which countries to see, I think it's going to be Thailand and Malaysia. I'm over-excited and I want this soooo bad. I actually stopped shopping (instead selling clothes online) to save for my dream. 

Since I know I really want this, I started thinking about the rest of my life. What do I want? Should I go work fulltime? Where should I stay? It's a bit much to decide.. so first: finish school and plan my trip to Asia. Oh and I really want to change my blog. Perhaps I'm going to write in Dutch because I think I'm much more creative with Dutch language. Anyway, thanks for reading this.


donderdag 4 oktober 2012


Yes, a whole bunch of pictures of Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam. Even though it was a few weeks ago, I still wanted to share these with you guys. You've already seen my outfit but we (my friend and I) also went to see a few things. 
The evening wasn't spectacular, but it was nice and I had great company. First we went to De Bijenkorf to see a fashionshow, some looks were quite nice but some models didn't look that great. Afterwards we strolled around a bit. Later on we went to the PC (a street with designer shops) to drink some bubbles. Here is the story..

Picture story!
1. Cute Vogue tops for sale
2. Roses, candy and bubbles
3/4/5. Fashionshow at De Bijenkorf
6. I met one of my favourite fashion bloggers Cindy from COTTDS and Ilanka of Fashionnerdic
7. Fabulous shoes of Jan Taminiau
8. Jan Taminiau himself (quite a funny fellow)
9. Trip home: wine and dine at the train


woensdag 26 september 2012

HAIR // Ombre

Good morning! It's early I know but I'm traveling to work right now.
Yesterday I went to the hair salon to cut and dye my hair. I wanted an 'Ombre' look for months and now I finally got the guts to do so (I'm a real coward if it comes to hair). 
I know these pictures aren't very clear, but I took those with my boyfriend's phone when it was almost dark. Will show some better pictures later!
Enjoy your day :)


zaterdag 22 september 2012

OUTFIT // Fashion Night Out

Knit: H&M
Shorts: Pull & Bear
Necklace: Bershka
Shoes: Primark
Bag: some market in Italy

Hi lovies, it's Saturday! Best day of the week. I've got a great day today, this afternoon I'm going for a high-tea with my friends. Tonight party

Anyway, I finally had time to post some pictures of Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam. Last week I went there with my dear friend Yannick, we visited a few shops and drunk lots of champagne. We had a blast (a blast in a glass). I was wearing my new buys: my pink knit and my first watch ever (except the one I got when I was like 6 or something). It's of Modemusthaves (oh my, they have so many nice items!) and it actually was really cheap. But I have to get ready for my day because I look like crap.

Oooh and I want to dye my hair 'ombre' next week (I know, everyone has it, but I'm done with my regular hair). I'm really exciting because I never did something 'big' with my hair. 

Enjoy your day!


donderdag 20 september 2012

INSPIRATION // The Little Black Jacket

This is why I wanted to start blogging: share my inspiration with you guys. Right this moment I'm working on my thesis, it's not going very well but when I was searching on Google I found this great e-exbihition of Chanel. I've been on the website for almost an hour, watching photos of celebrities and other inspiring personalities who are wearing the Chanel jacket. I wanted to share this great e-exhibition which is promoting the book "The Little Black Jacket" from Karl Lagerfeld and Karine Roitveld

This pictures are just a few of many great ones. I picked the personalities who inspire me the most.


dinsdag 18 september 2012

WHAT TO WEAR // Boho Bordeaux

As you probably know, I'm working as an editor at SWYF. We got a special blogitem called 'What to wear'Every day someone else is showing an outfit. I wanted to share my look of today with you guys. 

Maison Scotch trui aztec print (Men_at_Work | € 89,99
High Waisted Denim Shorts in Purple with Studs (ASOS | € 42,65
Brixton GAIN Mutsen & caps Zwart (Zalando | € 59,95
Sixtyseven Emma (Nelly | € 134,95
Oroblu Panty Tulle (zwart) (De Bijenkorf | € 12,95
Fab. Bag Gili Rumbai Liver (WELIKEFASHION.COM | € 134,95

Today is a special day for SWYF. The whole team is going for a trip! We're going to do something 'fun' and have dinner afterwards. Because the SWYF team has expended recently, we thought it would be time to get know each other a bit better. It's still a bit of secret were we are going to eat and which activities we are gonna do. So, what to wear on a day full of activities with your colleagues?   

Because it's almost autumn (just a few days), I thought it would be time for a knit. The Aztec print has been trendy for quite a while, but still one of my favorite themes. I combined this knit with a bordeaux colored shorts with studs. Shorts used to be summer items, but since a few years shorts can be worn perfectly during the colder seasons. Just put on tights, for example this one of Oroblu. A hat and a fringe bag to emphasis the Bohemian look. I love the bohemian look because of the warm colors and the summer feeling, even during winter. Especially the color boredeaux, which is real trendy this season. I'm not sure what kind of shoes to wear because I don't know the program for the afternoon, but as a true fashionista, heels are what I choose. Let's hope we're not going to do anything too sporty!   

zondag 16 september 2012


Hi, busy bee that I am, very short update. Well more like a sale-update. I'm gonna start a sale with some of my old clothes and mis-buys. I've you are interested, send me an email about the item.

I promise you guys, this week I will be updating about my summer holidays and the Vogue Fashion Night Out last Thursday. See ya!


donderdag 6 september 2012

LAGO DI GARDA // Lazise part 1

I know I'm the worst blogger in the world, I let you guys down for weeks! But I'm back. As you know I went to Italy for holidays the last week of summer. When life started again this Monday, I had a big reality check: summer is over. They woke me up out of my summer dream. I felt quite depressive so I didn't want to blog. I'm still not happy summer is over, but I decided to make the best of it and enjoy the rest of the year. 

These pictures I made last day of my holiday in Italy with my friends. We had a great time! Didn't do much, shopping, drinking, tanning and eating kind of covers the whole vacation. 

Picture story!

1. Lazise, the town we stayed near to. I've been here many times, still in love with this picturesque village. 
2. Me and my funny (ugly) face at Lazise
3. Wine and Dine baby!
4. My girl at the climber of the abandoned camping near ours
5. Sunset
6. All of us together!

Many pictures will follow. I still have some pretty outfit pictures of Greece left, perhaps for times we want to remember summer. But for now, got to get back to life, to reality, to school. Merp...