dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Festival Look

Necklace: H&M
Bracelets: New Look
Top: Lou
Shorts: Vintage
Black Strapless top: Vero Moda

.Photo one. // I curled my hair! What do you think? Normally I'm all about straight hair, but for once I put in some effort to look nice. I got these ridiculous glasses at the festival, but I kinda thought it looked funny (or stupid?) so I wore them for like the whole day. I love to make stupid faces, just to clear this up. 

.Photo two. // One of my two outfits. Two? Yes two. The weather was so strange and I didn't had a special item which I wanted to wear, so I took a few things with me. Most of the time I was wearing this look, a pink sweat with glitter.

.Photo three. // Dancing with my girl Hedwig! And my cute BF in the back.

.Photo four. // BF and me

.Photo five. // One of my favourite friends Yannick (also one of my fav. photographers who helps me with Featherhaze). Sun was going down, we partyed 'till nighttime.

I'm so happy about the weather! Sun, shorts.. I'm planning on having a barbecue with my friends someday this week. But today I have to go to school and to a pressday of New Look, tomorrow I'll be working so I hope I'll have some sunny prime time on Thursday. 


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