maandag 21 mei 2012

Little Preview: Fusion of Dance

Hi guys! I had the greatest day this weekend!
My friends and I went to a big festival in my town: Fusion of Dance. Almost everyone I love was there, so a lot of pictures were made. How cute is this pic with me and Vera? O btw, this shiny glasses are hers. Love them! I thought she bought them at Primark.
I'm still, or maybe again, in a big fat fashion dip, so that's why I haven't been updating my blog. In two weeks I'm going to Antwerp (yessh again!) with my mum, her boyfriend and my sis because my fabulous mother is reaching the age of 50. She's gonna kill me when I say it again: 50! She's almost crying about her age. Well, I think so she still look great. 50 and fabulous!
I will update more pictures about the festival later on.


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