vrijdag 9 november 2012

INSPIRATION // Before Sunset

I made this picture right before sunset. I saw the most beautiful light coming into my room, I grabbed my Blackberry (yes, I can make beautiful pictures sometimes!) and captured the moment. Thought it was a nice image. Gotta get back to work (thesis) now.


dinsdag 6 november 2012

RANDOM // Halloween

The weekend before Halloween I had a birthday party from one of my oldest friends (as in long known, not old age). I'm not really that into Halloween, so for the first time I did not dress up that much for a theme party. I had a great time but most important was the birthday girl had a blast. I have known her since I was like three years old and she's one of my besties. 
Now it's time for my thesis, I only have six weeks left (OH MY FUCKING GOD).


zaterdag 3 november 2012

RANDOM // Spaß

A couple of weeks ago my mom, sister and I stayed in Germany for a few days. We visited some family and just  spend some time together. My family has the most greatest dog ever (besides my own dogs) called Lotta. I never met such a loyal dog before. Anyway, my sister and I had a blast in a store with these funny animal hats. I was doubting to buy one of these, but I thought I wasn't worth the money. Kinda regret that decision now haha. 

Very quick post, I haven't made any outfits pictures lately because I've been working on my thesis really hard and I looked like crap almost every day.
Oh and I'm looking for a green parka for the winter. Suggestions, anyone?