zondag 24 juni 2012

Holiday: Mojiotos and bikinis

Pictures: Weheartit.com

Enjoying the sun. See you later bitches!
(Back on the 2th of July)


donderdag 21 juni 2012

A touch of orange

 Cardigan: Zara (old)
Top: Only
Shorts: Vintage
Necklace: H&M
Boots: Kiboots

Hi guys, short outfit update! I was wearing this look last Sunday. The Dutch soccer team had their final game, we lost, unfortunately. I'd expected it a bit, so I wasn't wearing too much orange, just a tee. 
Last picture together with my sister, bit forced smiles hehe.

I'm going to Greece in a few hours! Yeeehaa. Still packing, because I'd to work the last three days. I won't be updating much these coming 11 days, because I deliberately don't take my laptop with me. But I will take my camera and photographer (boyfriend) with me. Many summer will follow after my holiday. See you guys!


dinsdag 19 juni 2012

What to wear: A dressy Monday's look

As you probably know, I'm working as an editor at SWYF. We got a new blog item since a few weeks: What to wear. Every day someone else is showing an outfit. I wanted to share my look of Monday with you guys.  

DRESS Nowhere Adicia Dress (Nelly | € 23,95)
JACKET Mango (Wehkamp | € 44,95)
BOOTS ANAIS Mid Heel Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot (ASOS | € 80,09)
NECKLACE Animal Chain Necklace (ASOS | € 24,44)
RING Pieces (Wehkamp | € 5,95)

This outfit isn't a regular Monday's look. Normally I would be dressed very comfortable, but today I've got a busy schedule. First I have to work, but tonight I'm going to a fashion show. I needed an outfit which is fashionable, classy but also a bit casual. For today's What to wear: a dressy Monday's look

I just bought this asymmetrical dress which I just LOVE! Because summer in Holland means rain and wind, it's smart to take a jacket with you, just in case. I didn't take the risk of open shoes, because of weather forecast (glad I followed my guts, so much rain this morning, I thought the country would drown). Chelsea boots are favorite in my wardrobe, I thought these would be great for work and my fashion event (and rain).

I know the whole look is a bit dark, but black is the best color for a combination of classy and casual wear. To brighten up the look I took a big ring and a statement necklace. An outfit suitable for a day with many events!


zondag 17 juni 2012


In a few days (Thursday) I'm leaving for Greece for 1,5 weeks with my boyfriend! I'm so excited, desperate in need for some sun. Anyway I'm so busy I'm sorry! Gotta run now, Fathers day.


woensdag 13 juni 2012

What to wear: Leather & Feathers

As you probably know, I'm working as an editor at SWYF. We got a new blog item since a few weeks: What to wear. Every day someone else is showing an outfit. I wanted to share my look of Tuesday with you guys. 

WAISTCOAT Miso Fringe waistcoat (Republic | £25.00
TROUSERS Shiny Faux Leather Skinny Trousers (Topshop | £32.00
PUMPS Black platforms (Dorothy Perkins | £28.00
EARRINGS Large Feather Chandeliers (Topshop | £30.00
RING Anabella Skull Ring (Missguided | £5.99)

Sometimes you really don't now what to wear. Honestly there are days it takes me more than 90 minutes just to pick an outfit. This outfit started with my black heels. I hear you guys think: “black pumps are the most easy items to combine!”. Well, not for me. I bought these must-haves last week, because every woman needs a pair of black pumps. I almost went for the lime-colored ones, but no, I wanted black, I had to buy black heels.

I was standing in front of my closet I was figuring out a way to wear heels more edgy than feminine (I'm not the typical girly girl). Of course, leather! The weather still sucks so leather trousers are perfect. Combined with this Aztec print top by Balmain and pretty feather earrings I'm almost good to go. I'm completely in love with this fringe waistcoat, which is great for festivals. Finishing touch: skull ring. In style of the Alexander McQueen skull ring, but only for £5.99. And there it is, my what to wear of today, in leather and feathers!


maandag 11 juni 2012

Last shades of Sunshine

Knit: LOVE
Shorts: Vintage
Earrings: New Look

Friday Night I went for a spontaneous drink with my friends. The sun was almost down but fortunately we found a nice spot with the last shades of sunshine to make some pictures. 
Saturday night I had the best night! I went out with a whole bunch of friends and we danced 'til the sun was shining

Today is my sister's birthday, time to eat some cake!


zondag 10 juni 2012


Knit & Necklace: Forever21
Trousers: Vero Moda
Flats: New Look
Sunnies: H&M

Last week I went to Antwerp with my mum. I bought a lot of items at Forever21, for example this pink knit. Nice colour heh? I was looking for a long time for a cute knit, so stupid, couldn't find it anywhere. 
Sorry for the ugly face, I was too lazy to put on some make-up.

Gotta run now!


zaterdag 9 juni 2012

The park is my backyard

My boyfriend and I love to take little walks. Not hikes of 10 km, just nice walks. Especially when the weather is good (meaning: no rain). So last week  after dinner we went for a walk through the park near my house. We watched these cute little duckies for like 15 minutes. My boyfriend is kinda crazy about birds, sounds stupid but I think it's very cute. He's not a freaky bird watcher or something, he just thinks birds are cute. Today he sent me a picture of him in his mom's house with some ducks walking around in his kitchen. These ducks visit their house daily, begging for food. 

Anyway very ducky story. I'll hope you'll enjoy your weekend! Any plans?


donderdag 7 juni 2012

What to wear: Orange EK look

As you probably know, I'm working as an editor at SWYF. We got a new blog item since a few weeks: What to wear. Every day someone else is showing an outfit. I wanted to share my look of Wednesday with you guys. 

BLAZER Ichi colour uni Soga (Men_at_Work | € 49,99)
SHORTS One Teaspoon Vagabonds (WELIKEFASHION.COM | € 69,95
TOP SuperTrash Tahari (WELIKEFASHION.COM | € 99,95
WEDGES March23 Katia Orange (WELIKEFASHION.COM | € 199,95
CLUTCH Oranje Leder (CafeModa | € 59,90
RING Nelly Accessories Sibylla (Nelly | € 5,95
BRACELET Hultquist (De Bijenkorf | € 19,95
NAILPOLISH SuperTrash Fluor Orange (DressesOnly | € 9,95)

In a few days the European Football Championship starts. Holland is all about football and almost everyone will watch the matches, mostly on big screens wearing outfits in our national colour: orange! I'm not really a fan of this colour, but I do want to support the Dutch team. So what to wear during a football match and how do you stay trendy? It took me a while, but here's my orange outfit!

I choose not to go orange all-the-way. Just a few heavy items combined with a denim shorts and a cute Supertrash top. I love the Aztec pattern on the top. It has some orange spots which fit with the rest of the outfit. The sneaker wedges are the most trendy part of the look: sporty (perfect for football!) and feminine because of the wedge. Never forget accessories! A very cute ring by Nelly, a great alternative for the exclusive one of Yves Saint Laurent. And of course every woman needs a purse: a fabulous orange clutch. Well I'm ready for the matches with my orange EK look!


woensdag 6 juni 2012

Totally in LOVE

I just bought this very, very cute knit! It really wasn't my intention to shop, but I couldn't help myself when I saw this jumper on the mannequin. It was the last one, kinda like it was meant to be right?!
It's my first item of the brand LOVE. I wanted a cross knit for like forever (I keep getting excuses for this new buy). Anyway, I'm happy. I'm planning on wearing this item a lot so I'll make some outfit pictures later.


maandag 4 juni 2012

New in: Zebra

Last Saturday I went shopping in Antwerp. It was my mum's 49+1 birthday so she, her boyfriend , my sister  and I went for a nice trip to Belgium. 
I went crazy at Forever21 and lots of other shops. One of my buys is this zebra printed jeans from River Island. I was looking for an animal printed trousers for so long and I finally got one. Yeey!

But I have to work now. Muuh. Hate Mondays.


vrijdag 1 juni 2012

New Look Press Day

Last week I went to the Press Day of New Look Fall/Winter 2012-2013. The collection is so awesome! Totally my style. Crosses, leather and studs. The jacket on the second image will definitely be mine when it's in store. Lots of statement necklaces and wedge sneakers. The collection has many items which are on-trend these days but also some typical New Look things like the floral print.
The collection will be in store by October.