dinsdag 28 februari 2012

You know you´re Dutch when..

Images: weheartit

Today I discovered the most funny website about Dutch people. Of course every country has prejudices about its population, for example Dutch people are stingy. Well, this website You know you're Dutch when.. tells you excatly who we Dutch people are. You can say we are a bit different.

You know you´re Dutch when...

`You can simultaneously talk on the phone, eat, and carry a bag of groceries in one hand while riding your bicycle through traffic. With your friend on the back. Geen probleem.`
`You have been to a gourmetten party recently.`
`You refill mineral water bottles.`
`You know that flickering candles increase gezelligheid.`
`You've invited people over for dinner and asked them to share costs.`
`You think all Germans dig holes in your beaches.`
`You think the French are arrogant, yet you still go on vacation to France every year.`


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