vrijdag 17 februari 2012

SWYF Blogger Event

Hello you guys! How was your week?
I've been very busy, as always, so that's why I'm posting these pictures of the SWYF Blogger Event a bit late. This event happend a week ago, but hey, never too late to tell the story right?

Well, my work, SWYF, organised a special blogger event to present an exclusive blogger widget. My role was top socialize with all them bloggers which was really fun. Most of them already installed the Style Widget. I also installed the widget on my blog, so perhaps I will organize some style sessions in the future!
New Look was also a part of the event. They had fashion items for every blogger to take home. I also scored a nice sweater, which I will show later on. 
I had trouble with picking an outfit, because I was in Amsterdam for a few days so I couldn't bring to many clothes with me. I had to wear 2 panties (like 120 DEN or something) because of the shitty weather and I was still freezing my ass off. Anyway, I went all black with my lovely Zara skirt and dress with cute little stars. What do you think?

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