zondag 26 februari 2012

A little bit of Happiness

Sometimes there are days, that just don't feel like doing anything. Well, today is one of these days. I think it's because I haven't been clubbing yesterday evening, instead I went out Friday so I feel a bit confused with the days. 

I'm really looking forward to summer. Tanning, drinking wine in the sun, eating fruit all day, wearing skirts without tights.. Hmm lovely. Talking about summer, I booked a holiday yesterday with my friends! To Lago di Garda in Italy, I already haven been there a few times but I'm in love with the place. I'm also planning on booking a holiday with my boyfriend, but we haven't decided where we want to go yet. 

Sorry for almost not posting this week, I had my first check of my thesis last Thursday, so I was kinda busy. Besides that, I totally lacked inspiration. Tomorrow a new week, hopefully with some more inspiration. 


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