vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Backstage @ AIFW Spijkers & Spijkers

Cute collection heh? I really adored this one. It's from SIS, Dutch design duo called 
Spijkers & Spijkers,  they also showed at London Fashion Week this summer. 
This pictures I took with my sell phone (that explains the bad quality) when I was 
working backstage at the AIFW at the show of Spijkers and Spijkers. 
The model I worked with was Tamara Slijkhuis, she has recently won Holland's 
Next Top Model. The show and the collection have been well received :). 
Someday I would really like to have a SIS dress. Too damn cute. 

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  1. He Sas!
    Wat leuk je blog!
    Ik volg je nu! ;) Ziet er leuk uit bij Spijkers!