zaterdag 4 februari 2012

A few moments of ease

1. Lunch! I love having lunch with friends. Last week I went lunching with an old friend, catching up at Bagels & Beans, one of my favourite places. 

2. I love the shape of cupcakes, they look so cute. Honestly, I don't like the taste of them, too sweet. But I got a cute cupcake lunch place in my street, so my friend and I went to visit the place.

3. Coffee! Very cliché, but Starbucks is my favourite. Happiness in a cup.

4. These little dolls are handmade Worry Dolls. The Guatemalan tradition is to tell the dolls your worries in the evening. Then put them under your pillow and in the morning your worries will be gone. I got them when I bought a shirt. 

Have a nice weekend guys!

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