zaterdag 18 februari 2012

New loves

Yeehaa I finally got my biker boots from Nelly! I'm very excited to make some nice outfit pictures with them, but here you can see a little preview. 

This scarf I really ADORE! A friend of mine brought it during my SWAP party, but so many people wanted to have this item that I didn't get it. I was really sad about it (actually I was really mad, I fucking wanted that scarf). But one of my best friends got it, she deserved it because she's such a sweetheart. But still the scarf was constantly on my mind. She knew I wanted that scarf so badly, so she gave it to me as a present! (At first she wanted to give me the scarf for me birthday which is in three weeks, but she knew I was freakin obsessed with it).
What I really would like to say: 

Vera, you're the best! 
You made my week (and it was a bad one). 
I really love you and you're one of my dearest friends!

I know it sounds like I went fucking crazy about that item, but hey.. when a fashionista wants something.. these things just happen. 


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