zondag 1 april 2012

Another Antwerp story

A few piccs of Antwerp. Unfortunately it was very cloudy the second day. I didn't make any pictures the first day, when it was sunny, because my focus was on shopping only. 
I love the Antwerp style of architecture, I can't tell you what style it is, because I'm not a real specialist in these things (only in fashion or vegetarian lasagne). The third photo is not what the whole city look like, it's the Academy of Arts of Antwerp
I would really like to go back just before the summer holiday starts, because after my graduation I won't be able to travel for free (in Holland every student travels for free). Even thinking on not having my OV (free travelling pass) makes me cry. I use this pass like every day. I guess I have to pay after summer, or, find a way to stay student for a bit longer. 


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