dinsdag 24 april 2012

Items with a Story

I was thinking about the items I was wearing and I concluded that my outfit wasn't a regular Zara/H&M look. First I will tell you something about my boots. I bought them last week at some secondhand store for almost nothing. These multifunctional boots are perfect for these rainy days or for the coming festivals. 
The lace top/dress was a gift by my friend Manoe. I liked the top so much so she donated her garment. How nice! I´ve been a lace-lover since day one, so it´s a perfect piece for my wardrobe, especially since I wanted to have more tight fitted items. 
This hat once belonged to the grandmother of one of my best friends. She´s not really into hats, but I am so she wanted me to have them. Thanks Vera!

These pictures were made on Sunday, which is my regular hangover day. I'm not sick or tired, I just wasn't wearing any make-up. For once I felt quite good for a Sunday, because I didn't drink that much. Couldn't say that about my friends, yeah you guys, you acted like fools Saturday night. But hey, at least you made me laugh! I had the best Saturday night, I went to a party with a bunch of friends and danced my ass off. Looking forward to next weekend, it will be Queensday. Two days of partying!


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