zaterdag 31 maart 2012

From Antwerp with Love

 Jacket & Necklace: Forever21
Jeans: Maison Scotch
Shoes: Vans

Hi there! I'm back from two days of fun in Antwerp with my friend Janneke. A little escape from the regular life. I haven't been in Antwerp before, but I love the city! It's a perfect place to shop, which we did for two days. I bought this jacket and necklace at Forever21. I also bought a short and a denim blouse. You probably will see them later. 
We went to a nice restaurant, which had meals from all over the world. I had risotto with beetroots, it seemed a bit of a strange combination to me, but it was a real nice dish!
Later that night we went to some bars and had drinks, we stayed a bit longer than we expected so I didn't had much sleep that night, but hey. I had a great time! Now back to  reality and focus on my thesis. Muuh. 


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