woensdag 4 april 2012

Craving for these cuties

Since I saw these cuties at Sincerely Jules's feet, I can't get them out of my mind. To me it's time for a new pair of heels, but until today I wasn't quite sure which kind. But these are too damn cute. And this pair of Zara sandals are only €39,95! Can you imagine!

Too bad I've got a cold (not just a regular one, if you'd have one like mine a century ago, you wouldn't survive that one, for sure). So I won't be close to a Zara these coming days, that means I have to wait for at least a week for my search to these heels. I know what you're thinking: buy them online you idiot! But the fact is, my feet are between two sizes. I know, I can order both sizes and send one pair back. 
Confession: I'm BAD at making decisions (the worst). Daily my boyfriend is shouting at me because I've to choose between two DVDs and I don't know which to pick. He shouts: "NOW, just say ONE!" and I start to stumble and stutter: "The right one, uuh,, NOOO, left.. NO WAIT, right.. AAAA.. I don't know".
Anyway, I'm still deciding whether I should order them online or wait to next week. 


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