donderdag 5 juli 2012

Sundown at Crete

Hi guys! I'm back, unfortunately. Honestly I'm a bit depressed now. My holiday in Greece was so lovely, I can't stand to be back home. Normal life all over again.

Happily I got lots of great stories and fantastic memories. My boyfriend and I had the best time, eating Greek food, drinking cocktails and sunbathing at the pool. 

We mostly chilled, but we also went sightseeing and shopping in Heraklion, the main city of Crete. We did a two hour walk through the famous Imbros Gorge. Later on I will tell you more about my fabulous holiday, but for now my first outfit pictures: shot at the beach at our hotel (in my old but cute dress of Nümph). It's not the stereotype 'bounty-beach', because of all the rocks, nevertheless the sundown was gorgeous!


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