vrijdag 13 juli 2012

OVERVIEW // Instagram

My boyfriend and I have been a Blackberry couple for quite some time. We weren't proud of it, but at least we were equals in terms of our phones. But now he bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and I'm still stuck with my Blackberry. It's not that I want to have the 'hottest' phone or what so ever, but it annoys me that apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic can't be used on my fucking Blackberry. Six months left, the Instagram trend will probably be over by than, and I can get a new phone.

But for now, I have to steal my BF's phone so I can enjoy the fun of Instagram. Yes my friends, my first very cool retro vintage look photo's

From left to right:

1. A real 'not-homemade' apple strudel as desert
2. Long hair, yesh
3. I hate to say 'arm party' but it's a small one
4. Evening walk along the Ijssel
5. Evening sky (aaah pretty)
6. BF
7. Jewelry
8. BF & I at Apenheul (kinda Monkey zoo)
9. Plain face without make-up

Oh and I would like to complain again about this fucking weather, it's raining and raining.. My friend and I wanted to go an outdoor festival called Extrema Outdoor tomorrow, but the weather forecast couldn't be worse, so we probably will cancel our trip. :(

Despite of the rain, I still did some nice stuff this week. My BF and I went to the Apenheul (monkey zoo) last Thursday and yesterday a friend and I went for a shopping trip to Amsterdam. Will show you my new buys later (and there are still some holiday pics coming up). Now gotta go to the gym before I get to lazy! (OH MY the new episode of Pretty Little Liars is downloaded, heading to the gym will be even harder now). 


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