donderdag 22 maart 2012

Maison Scotch Love

Pictures from Maison Scotch on Pinterest

1. MAISON SCOTCH Washed leather smartphone case (Denim Plus | € 27,95) 
2. MAISON SCOTCH Skinny colour denim peach (Men_at_Work | € 99,99) 
3. MAISON SCOTCH Quilited worker jacket (Denim Plus | € 179,95) 
4. MAISON SCOTCH tanktop Blue bird (Men_at_Work | € 35,99) 
5. MAISON SCOTCH Hairpin mirror pendant (Denim Plus | € 29,95)

I guess it's obvious, but Maison Scotch is one  of my favourite brands. I've worked a summer at the head office of Scotch, so I'm familiar with the concept of Scotch & Soda. The whole vintage look is really my style and I love their soft fabrics. Sometimes (most of the time) it goes a bit beyond my budget, but the items I did buy are definitely on my most-beloved-fashion-pieces-list.
But now I really have to get back to my thesis, so a short post today!



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