zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

OUTFIT // More Than Flowers

Top: Maison Scotch
Shorts: Vintage
Belt: Zara
Shoes: Nelly

Weekend yeeha! Today I went to my dad's house to work on my thesis (when I'm at home, I spontaneously start cleaning or doing groceries when I have to work on my thesis). Since he got a house with a garden he's all about flowers and stuff, so I decided to 'promote' his floral project with my colorful outfit. 
I bought this top at Maison Scotch, at first I had some mixed feelings about the top. But I'm loving it more and more every day. And I love the bandana (I found it somewhere at my mom's house). When I'm not feeling like doing my hair, I put my hair into a ponytail and just wrap around this bandana. But I've to meet my friends in one hour for a barbecue at the park and I'm still at my dad's so gotta go! Enjoy your Saturday night. Party!


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