zondag 20 januari 2013

FREEDOM // Big news

Hi guys,

It has been quit a while since my last post. Well, that's because I've been very, and I mean VERY, busy with my thesis. Last week I've handed in my thesis and this week I will have to defend my thesis. And then, hopefully, I'm done with school!!! If not so, I probably kill myself. These months were hell. Truly hell.

But I decided to quit my fashion blog. I'm not feeling the whole outfit post thing anymore, BUT that doesn't mean Featherhaze is going to disappear. In two weeks I will leave for Asia (yesssh finally) to enjoy my freedom, get my head clear and to figur out what I really want. I will probably use this blog as a little travel journal and perhaps as my outlet for creatives moments I would like to share with potentially interested people. 

And from now on I will write in Dutch because I think I can express myself better in this strange, but honestly   great language. Maybe later on I will switch back to English, but for now: Dutch. Ja echt, Nederlands. 

Nog slechts 14 dagen en ik peer 'm voor het eerst naar een ver land. Ik ben echt superexcited, maar ook scared as fuck want dit is best wel buiten mijn comfortzone en bovenal, een lange periode zonder mijn lieftallige vriendje. 
Eindelijk een update dus. Wat betreft mijn creatieve uitspatting hierboven, gewoon, een beetje inspiratie is nooit verkeerd. Beelden heb ik gestolen van Tumblr, dat weet je dat. 

Liefs, kusjes,

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