zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Fashion fair: Modefabriek 2012

Hi guys! What a week. Modefabriek, Fashion Week and just regular work. I saw a lot of clothing, brands and people. This post will be about the Dutch fashion fair Modefabriek, because that was the first thing I did this week. 

Together with a colleague I went to the fair to spot some new trends, beautiful brands and fashionable people. I really loved the collection of Josh V and the new brand Glamorous. Sequins were leading, my favorites. 
Later on some more posts will follow, because I went to the catwalkshow of Furansu and I worked backstage at the show of Spijkers & Spijkers. But now I have to get ready for a birthday party of a friend. Have a nice evening! 

Josh V
Soaked in Luxury
Tony Cohen

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