vrijdag 18 november 2011

Reachable Versace

 I got a love-hate relationship with H&M Designers-Collaborations. On one hand, it still is H&M, so that means it's not a high quality product. It doesn't mean I don't like H&M, I love it in fact, but wouldn't pay €100,- for a dress. So, my mind says I must not pay €180,- for a H&M-Versace dress, but my heart only says 'VERSACE'. I guess my last statement is the whole idea of these collaborations right?

Anyway, I followed my heart and went to the opening of the collection. I had a few items in mind which I liked, but I had a little delay so I was like 30 minutes late and the cute dress and skirt I wanted were already gone. Which actually came out quite well, because my savings account is becoming smaller and smaller.
The Pelle Borchie legging was still waiting for me, so that was the only item I took.
On second thoughts the legging was the best choice for me, because it wasn't expensive and it fits really well in my black-bottem-collection.
Everybody has an opinion about the collection, well, I don't care if you hate or love the collection. I'm happy with my own little cheap Versace item. 

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